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Canadian Xpress® NASCAR Tour
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Canadian Xpress® NASCAR Tour

NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) is the number one motor sport in the United States with TV viewership almost as large as football. With almost all of its races run in a stadium style track layout, it makes for an outstanding live and in person viewing experience.

Canadian Xpress® is the sponsor airline for the NASACAR fan tour. Every week 100 lucky fans (at that weekend’s race) will have their name drawn for a free trip to the next race. Fans will travel in style aboard the Canadian Xpress® A319-111 and enjoy all that NASCAR has to show for that race weekend. Return trip will be aboard standard commercial air travel.

The NASCAR tour consists of 36 legs based on the NASCAR 2014 schedule that must be flown in order.

All Canadian Xpress® pilots that successfully complete the tour will receive 25 bonus hours as well as the Canadian Xpress® NASCAR Tour Award that will appear in their Pilot Details section of the Pilot Roster. To view the current statistics for the Canadian Xpress® NASCAR Tour Award, click the Statistics link that is available via the Operations menu.

Canadian Xpress® NASCAR Tour Award

For more information and to get started on flying the NASCAR circuit, visit the NASCAR Tour link that is available via the Events menu on our web site.

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